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Sissy Heaven

Differently from AYA, Sissy Heaven it’s a sissy Training Center and a place where sissies can meets with others, be rented and sell.

Miss Lindz Yven is owner and director. She personally trains sissy in her mansion and believe “that all men have a femme side.”

Miss Lindz Yven
She have been in SL almost 5 years, began as a sub for a place Bonanza, long gone now. left shortly after  was forced to voice which her  hated, so  went to ASE (Auctioneers Slave Exchange) where Adorabella Felismo ran the place, liked she and told her that  would be a better dome, then she began selling girls.

“I have sold over 700 privately”

This year, in May she decided give the sissies a nice place. She took over ASE and renamed it to LINDSY’S Slave Sales.
In Miss Lindz opinion, the sissy community is growing.

There overhead is high and some want to make a RL living off of it,

For me it is more for fun there must be thousands of shemales in SL

For her the most important in a sissy is:

A sissy should be subby at all times and know their place, they must act, dress and speak as a girl or I boot their ass.

For a sissy will be trained take normally a month. She has over 20 students actually.

I respect them for having the courage to show their femme side.

Sissy Heaven have events like Lingerie contest. The last was winning for Sissy Delorianne, 2nd Sissy Fiona. 1,000 and 500 linden in prize respectively.

Sissy Heaven has a club where have no restrictions on the poles.
Miss Lindz said: “that club is almost finished Marta and I would like to attract one more store maybe 2.”
I never worry about competition

CSA has basically copied us


Classic Slave Academy, she copied most of my ideas

 I see so many come and go

Most places last maximum 3-6 months

We have been growing weekly and hope to become a popular place for sissies to come.

By Marta

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