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One SIM Several Views

SL Trangender Route discovery all this in one unique SIM 

 Sissification Intitute Logo to SL Transgender Route

When our reporter asked what was Sissification Institute, the answer was:

 Kimber, Solen and Revan being intervied by SLTR

Kimber, Solen and Revan


“Those words mean SI is open to all sort of people from random, casual RPers looking for a nice, healthy environment to those people feeling lost and in need of comfort, looking for a Family or a Shelter (Shanctuary)” 

Kimber Love

The mansion has a imposing entrance

SI main entrance
Main Entrance

Main Salon for official Events
Main Salon
Fireplace living room
Fireplace room

SI has a home to subs like maids, bimbos, pets, ponies, dolls etc
Sub home

An OCC area where "people can be completely put of caractere".

"no ranks apply here"

A romantic place

 A well-equipped school

“We have a big group of Scholars/Teachers who are currently preparing their lesson plan, then we have BDSM and RPing Basics and Domming basics.”

Sissification Intitute is a home too of Inner Beauty and The Den of Eniquity.

IB is focused in soft RP

The Den of Eniquity is focused in sex

Sissification Institute, a good SIM to visit and knew

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