quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014

The Angel Messenger back to Aldorion

SL Transgender Route register visit of Teardrop Love at Aldorion

Angel menseger Teardrop

Visit too the SIM Anna and Kimber, SI Doves.

Anna and Kimm at Aldorion
Left to right, Jagi, Kimber, Anna and Brandy

It was a pleasant night to kill the nostalgia of old friendships

Meeting at Pink Unicornio Tavern at Aldorion
Meeting at Pink Unicornio Tavern

Teardrop brought the news that Talin is still unconscious in hospital. 

Teardrop at Talin place in Aldorion
At Talin Place
In this oportunity Miss Dolly show the SIM to visitors Friends.

Aldorion tour
Mis Dolly tour

Alway is good see old friends

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