quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2014

Laura's Transgender Route

SL Transgender Route congratulates Laura Fritton in you route to womanhood 

Last night, Laura Fritton, one of EA Junior Students did her Final.

“The Junior Final will determine if Laura has an understanding of all the topics covered in the four Emotions classes.”

Karma Breen

She was enrolled by her former Miss

I really didnt want to at first, she wanted to make me a fine young lady instead of street whore.

So she took me to here and listed m.

I was not really enjoying it first.


My Miss left and i took a cheer leading class and that ..

I felt in love with the leader of the squad, she didn’t know that.

I stayed at school and decided to start enjoying it.

So here I am now
 Laura Fritton

Her wife and friends were present to support


At the end of the final, Miss Karma declared

Congratulation Laura you are the newest Junior Student of Emasculata Academy
   Karma Breen

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