quinta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2014

Bad News From AYA

This time SL Trangender Route dont have good news About AYA 

Notice of Endf Of AYA in SL Trangender Route

After a period of uncertainty, was confirmed the end of AYA BDSM SISSY SANCTUARY.
The SIM was clean and sold.

The Editora of AYA's Blog said:

“With a heart full of sadness I write this farewell.

I appreciate the support of all readers of AYA's Blog.

Best wishes and see you soon in Second Life.

No doubt a great loss to the Second Life, but that loss came 3 new SIMs. Take a look at:

SL Transgender Route wish much luck and happiness to the heirs of AYA BDSM SISSY SANCTUARY.

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